Our Story

VentiSei founder, Denny Flora, grew up watching his best friend’s family make wine together. In the early 2000s he began making wine and brought the experience to his own family when he introduced his Uncle Rick to the process. Rick shared Denny’s passion and genuine talent for winemaking, and a tradition was born.

Homemade wine became part of the fabric of Flora family life – both a reason to gather, and a way to celebrate moments big and small. Over more than a decade of investing in learning how to perfect his craft – and after years of laughing off the question “Can I buy your wine?” – Denny decided to quit simply bartering for his wine and open VentiSei Winery.  Now, customers around the region can enjoy his family’s exceptional wines and the experience of sharing them together.

Our Commitment

Family and community are behind everything we do at VentiSei. Lawrence County has been home to the Flora family for generations. In thanks and celebration, VentiSei will donate $1.00 for every bottle sold to Lawrence County Empty Bowls, Helping to fund Summer Foods, in coordination with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank – doing our part to create a brighter, healthier future for the community that has given us the memories that brought our wines to life.


The number 26 has symbolized the Flora family legacy in the New Castle area since Denny’s uncle, Sam, first put it on as running back for New Castle High School. The number was then worn by Denny’s father (Denny), Denny’s uncle (Rick), Denny’s cousin (Johnny), eventually by Denny, who retired the number with New Castle’s all-time rushing record. Denny released the number to his brother (Joey), and brought it back to life when he opened the hometown favorite Twenty-Six Bar and Grill on Christmas Eve in 2004.

VentiSei is 26 in Italian, so it only made sense to bring together two proud elements of the Flora’s heritage when Denny made the dream of selling the family wine a reality in 2018.