Catering Menu

Rental Prices

Weekend Days (Saturday, Sunday 10am-3pm) – $500,  5 hour rental

Weekend Evening (Friday, Saturday 5pm-10pm) – 5 hour PRIVATE rental, Closed to public

*Friday and Saturday evening rental subject to a minimum fee due to closing the business down to the public. Parties will be priced out per person with food.

*If you would like to host a party on a Friday or Saturday evening and not have the whole winery closed down, we can accommodate reservations for groups along with catering. Please call for details.

Monday-Thursday – $200 first 2 hours, $125 per additional hour

* Full 5 hour rentals close winery to public
* Smaller parties not requiring full rental, call about a special reservations
* All rental prices are subject to change


  • all pizzas & puffs are priced per each
  • all other items are priced per person
    • amounts needed per person will be calculated by determined by our chef based on the:
      •  menu, number of people, and type of event


marinara  $17

(romano, oregano, ricotta, olive oil, basil)

margherita  $17

(romano, oregano, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil)

cheese  $16

(romano, oregano, mozzarella, basil)

4 cheese pesto  $17

(olive oil, romano, oregano, parsley, black & red pepper, mozzarella, asiago/parm/romano blend, roasted garlic, pesto, basil)

cheese/roni  $16

(romano, oregano, mozzarella, pepperoni, basil)

white  $16

(olive oil, romano, oregano, parsley, black & red pepper, mozzarella, roasted garlic, basil)

ricotta/spinach/sausage  $17

(ricotta, spinach, sausage, romano)

artichoke/kalamata  $17

(olive oil, romano, oregano, parsley, black & red pepper, mozzarella, roasted garlic, artichokes, kalamata olives, balsamic, ricotta, basil)

fig/arugula  $17

(garlic sauce, fig jam, goat cheese, arugula, balsamic)

whatever  $18

(pizzaiolo choice, you get what you get)

add on: $2 ea

hot peppers ~ ricotta ~ pepperoni ~ meatballs ~ hot honey brown ~ ranch ~ balsamic ~ fig


PUFF: $16


(romano, mozzarella, pepperoni)


(spinach, sausage, romano, mozzarella, pepperoni)


*special items can be made and are subject to a per person charge.

*all items listed are subject to change (price and item)



charcuterie  $18.00

hummus  $2.00

spin art dip  $3.00

green beans  $2.00



chicken Sliders  $7.00

beef Sliders  $8.00

eggplant wrap  $7.00

italian wrap  $6.00

garlic Knots $1.00


Baked & Grilled:

Meatballs  $3.50

Shrimp Shooters  $4.00

Grape Leaves  $3.00

Chicken (boneless baked/grilled)  $5.00

Chicken (skewers)  $5.00



Pasta (red sauce)  $5.00

Farfalle Flora  $5.00

Pasta Flora  $6.00



tossed salad  $1.50

chic pea salad  $2.00

pasta salad  $4.00

potato salad  $3.00

caprese  $3.50



    • Are you providing? (if yes, please provide plates, napkins, and cutlery)
    • Are we providing? (if yes, we will provide plates, napkins, and cutlery)

cannoli  $2.00

cinnamon roll  $15.00

cinnamon knots  $15.00


Extra Drinks ($1)

  • Water
  • Lemonade
  • Ice tea
  • Pop
  • Coffee




($7 by the glass)

*case discounts apply

*slush tanks $150 per tank (30-12oz. glasses)


Wine List

Sweet  $18 per bottle

  • VIOLA ~ concord
  • ROSA ~ niagara/concord

Semi Sweet  $18 per bottle

  • LUCIA ~ muscato/niagara

Dry  $20 per bottle

  • WINEMAKER’S BLEND ~ sangiovese/muscato
  • TUSCANY ~ cabernet sauvignon/merlot/sangiovese
  • ANTORA ~ cabernet sauvignon