VentiSei Sampler Wine POUCH Box of 6


(2) VIOLA Concord

Sweet Red Wine

Our Viola is sweet and grapey in flavor. We like to describe it as a sweet grape juice or jam.

(2) ROSA Niagara, Concord

Sweet Pink Wine

Rosa is a sweet wine that we like to say is, “Sweet Like Candy.’

(2) LUCIA Muscato, Niagra

Semi-Sweet White Wine

Lucia is a semi-sweet white wine that is refreshing to the taste buds. It has a beautiful combination of a dry white with a hint of sweetness that makes this wine a must-have for any wine lover.

Pairs well with:

swimming pools, baseball games, softball tournaments, hockey, or any other sporting event you are at, picnics, fishing, water skiing, camping, vacations, beach life, when momma needs a break, and much much more.

*these pouches are made to be convenient, to throw in your cooler, and opened when needed. More than one is recommended.

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